HDI currently runs two centers in Kigali. These centers allow HDI to supplement its advocacy and education efforts with direct service delivery. The Center for Health and Rights in Kicukiro aims to provide a model for delivering youth-friendly and stigma-free sexual and reproductive health services for all Rwandans, particularly young people, key populations, and those from
marginalized communities.



Services provided include:

    • HIV prevention, treatment, care and support
    • Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights  education
    • STI prevention and testing
    • Information about and referral for other services

Hours/Days of Operation

Monday to Friday; 8am to 5pm

We also have a toll free hotline, 3530, in case you have any questions on sexual reproductive health and family planning.


HDI Office

The Kicukiro center

We are located in:

Kicukiro – Kigali-Rwanda

KK 15 Road,KK 8 Ave,KK 649

Below Glory to God Temple

In addition to receiving clients at the Center for Health and Rights, HDI has ensured vulnerable populations access to its services through outreach campaigns. We have partnerships with public health centers in villages with at-risk populations, offering services which are provided at our primary Center.