Advocating for the Removal of Barriers to Safe Abortions In 2012, HDI spearheaded the movement that lead to the adjustment of  the penal code that exempt women and medical doctors form criminal liability for abortion in four cases: Rape, Incest, Forced Marriage, and Maternal an Child Endangerment. Since then, HDI has focused its efforts of advocating for better access to abortion services in these four legal cases.

To increase awareness of the revised penal code, in 2014 HDI conducted a legal analysis on the current legal situation regarding abortion.  This analysis looked at the specific definitions of the terms involved in the four cases eligibility criteria for the exemptions, and the procedures for accessing abortions in these four cases.

HDI has outlined several recommendations for revisions to  the penal code that would advance the reproductive rights of women and girls.  Among the recommended alterations include: making child defilement an accepted case for a safe abortion; expanding the pool of health professionals exempt from criminal liability for performing an abortion; and to take into account the mental as well physical health of the pregnant woman when analyzing the threat to the health of the woman. HDI will engage in direct advocacy in pursuit of making these changes a reality.