In 2014, HDI welcomed a partnership with GIZ (German Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) under the Rights Based Program. With this partnership, GIZ provides HDI with technical and financial support to bolster HDI’s ability to implement human rights-based approaches. This includes the organisation’s capacity to conduct rights advocacy, empower citizens to claim their rights, and strengthen the capacities of government institutions to meet their human rights obligations.

HDI’s mission and vision is grounded in the “Right to Health” and the human rights principles of equality, non-discrimination, and empowerment. The rights based approach allows HDI to address the root causes of ill-health, disease, and poverty, while strengthening the foundations for sustainable development. HDI has done extensive health rights education and is working to sensitize civil society organizations and government partners about their role in supporting and protecting human rights. Below is a sampling of HDI’s rights-based work:

  • Educating youth on sexual and reproductive rights through Project SHARE
  • Trainings for Rwanda’s legal community on the protection and advocacy of human rights
  • Trainings for LGBTI associations on documenting human rights abuse
  • Counseling on sexual and reproductive rights through the Center for Health and Rights
  • Advocacy for a woman’s right to safe abortion
  • Advocacy for the decriminalization of sex workers and their clients