The community of potters at Cyaruzinge and Masoro are a historically marginalized population. Community members face extreme poverty, food insecurity, unemployment, discrimination, and elevated rates of maternal and child mortality. HDI uses a multi-faceted approach to empower community members with the knowledge and skills to become agents in improving their lives. HDI began working with the community of potters in 2008 with support from the Pygmy Survival Alliance to address the root causes of poverty and illness in the community. Much of the work focuses on improving the health of community members, which includes projects in nutrition, latrine construction, hygiene and sanitation, education promotion, and economic empowerment. With support from Agaseke and UN Women, HDI provided community members and women’s cooperatives with microloans to do business and start a community market, providing a reliable source of income.



  • Cultivated 1.5 hectares of maize plantation to provide community with consistent staple food source and ensure food security
  • Established new partnership with Nourish-UNC to expand the family garden program.
  • Supported Cyaruzinge villagers to generate small businesses such as dance troops, small shops, and pottery making and basket weaving cooperatives